Wednesday, June 19, 2019
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The Gobbler and the Looking Glass - Hunting Stories by Butch Trahan

Morgan's Turkey Callers is proud to have Butch Trahan's book The Gobbler and the Looking Glass - Hunting Stories for sale on our products page.  This book is a splendid collection of short stories gleaned from a lifetime of doing all things involving hunting and trapping.  This book will certainly tweak your mind about what's what out there in the world we outdoorsmen haunt.  Check out our Products page for more information about this book.

Turkey Season is Around the Corner

With turkey season fast approaching, be sure to check out our products page and get your order in for your very own Kenny Morgan Handmade Turkey Calls.  Need help learning how to operate your turkey call?  Check out our Blog to see a video of Kenny Morgan demonstrating how to use the Morgan Tube Caller, The Beggin' Hen Scratch Box, Spanish Dagger yelper and the Frictionwood Turkey Caller. Click here to view turkey caller video instructions.


(In your videos) have achieved a level of understanding of calls of the wild turkey and their meanings that leaves many of us who are avid and experienced in awe.
John McDaniel
Author The American Wild Turkey – Hunting Tactics and Techniques
But Dad, that one sounds like a REAL wild TURKEY!
Young boy
National Wild Turkey Federation NWTF Nashville Convention & Show 2003
I currently have over 30 turkey calls, but the Frictionwood call is the only one that sends chills up my spine every time I use it.
Wellsboro, PA
"If compelled to carry one call, it would be my favorite: The Morgan.
John McDaniel
I must say that I have never used a turkey call that so compels a late season Tom to gobble like the Beggin' Hen Scratch Box Turkey Call.
Vidalia, Louisiana
Kenny's rendition of a Kee Kee run on his Spanish Dagger Yelpper is the best I have ever heard!
Elizabethton, TN

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