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A Message from Kenny's Family

Turkey Hunters and Friends,

Many have heard but many others of you may not know that we lost Kenny on November 20th, 2011, after his courageous three-year battle with cancer. Throughout, and until his last day on this earth, he loved us, he engaged life and all those around him, and he inspired with an attraction that pointed to his faith in the Lord.

He had a most special place in his heart for two groups of people: his students and his fellow turkey hunters. "I have been involved with several thousand young men and women and with many of their families; they have influenced me greatly; what a privilege it has been."

Morgan's Turkey Callers are continuing to be made according to Kenny's wishes, designs and his earlier direct instruction. Kenny's son Kenneth and a trusted and expert woodcrafter worked with Kenny and are continuing to craft Kenny's turkey callers, instruments whose sole purpose is to call turkeys to the gun.

-The Morgan Family

A Tribute to Kenny Morgan

By Jim Casada"Kenny Morgan (1946-2011)" Turkey and Turkey Hunting  April 2012

"Well more than a decade ago, I eased up to a booth at an National Wild Turkey Federation Convention in Charlotte, N.C., where Kenny Morgan was holding court. I use the phrase "holding court" advisedly, because surrounding his booth were a dozen or so folks he had entranced as he explained and used a new call he had developed...."

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The Gobbler and the Looking Glass - Hunting Stories by Butch Trahan

Morgan's Turkey Callers is proud to have Butch Trahan's book The Gobbler and the Looking Glass - Hunting Stories for sale on our products page.  This book is a splendid collection of short stories gleaned from a lifetime of doing all things involving hunting and trapping.  This book will certainly tweak your mind about what's what out there in the world we outdoorsmen haunt.  Check out our Products page for more information about this book.

Turkey Season is Around the Corner

With turkey season fast approaching, be sure to check out our products page and get your order in for your very own Kenny Morgan Handmade Turkey Calls.  Need help learning how to operate your turkey call?  Check out our Blog to see a video of Kenny Morgan demonstrating how to use the Morgan Tube Caller, The Beggin' Hen Scratch Box, Spanish Dagger yelper and the Frictionwood Turkey Caller. Click here to view turkey caller video instructions.


(In your videos) have achieved a level of understanding of calls of the wild turkey and their meanings that leaves many of us who are avid and experienced in awe.
John McDaniel
Author The American Wild Turkey – Hunting Tactics and Techniques
A Message From Kenny Morgan...

Kenny Morgan and son with Morgan's 500th turkey called to the gun.
In this 1998 photo, my son Kenneth and I were about to "pick" a fine gobbler which was the 500th such bird called to the gun, in what is now 50+ years of turkey hunting!

Turkey Hunters,

We offer our own line of custom handmade turkey calls, videos, and turkey hunting books. I guarantee any of my callers will bring gobblers in a big hurry!  Thanks and good hunting.

Kenny Morgan

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Welcome Turkey Callers...

Kenny Morgan's Turkey Callers

Kenny Morgan

Turkey Call

Free! "Operation Turkey Calling" Instructional Video, one per order with your purchase of any Featured Custom Turkey Call, or more. FEATURED CUSTOM TURKEY CALLS: FRICTIONWOOD TURKEY CALLER, THE MORGAN CALLER, THE BEGGIN’ HEN SCRATCH BOX CALL, THE SPANISH DAGGER YELPER, WINGWOOD, H-BOX.

Frictionwood 2006, Combination Friction Caller & Scratchbox CallerNEW! FRICTIONWOOD 2006, COMBINATION FRICTION CALLER & SCRATCHBOX CALLER, Available by Special Request, 2-week delivery. Ambrosia Maple Sounding Board and Striker, Osage Orange striking surface, Aromatic Cedar Striker Block. 

Custom Turkey Callers
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NEVER-BEFORE PUBLISHED ARTICLE by Author Kenny Morgan!! This piece by Kenny Morgan deals with the impact of our heritage and values in turkey hunting, and the author's recollection of the first modern-day wild turkey hunting season in Louisiana in the 1950's.

TO HEAR SOUNDS OF OUR CUSTOM TURKEY CALLS VISIT OUR BLOG PAGE. Learn more about Turkey Hunting in Texas, Turkey Hunting in Missouri, Turkey Hunting in Iowa, Turkey Hunting in Nebraska, Turkey Hunting in Florida, Waterfowl Hunting Coastal Plain Texas, Gulf Coast Fishing.

Remember: FREE TURKEY CALLING DVD comes with every order from Morgan's Turkey Callers that includes a least one Featured Custom Turkey Call!! Kenny Morgan's demonstrational turkey calling videos have been hailed as an indispensable and inspirational tool by not only the novice turkey hunter, but also by the avid & experienced hunters as an enhancement to their own turkey calling skills to call up the wild turkey. Kenny's clear and down-home hands-on instruction on the turkey call, calls of the wild turkey, & calling up turkeys emanates from his 46 years of observation of the wily wild turkey in the field & his renowned prowess at repeatedly reeling in even the wariest of wild gobblers with his thoughtful and practiced turkey hunting and turkey calling skills. Kenny's story telling style and tales of the wild turkey are legendary and resonate of his years experience as a high school teacher and coach. Kenny will show you instruction on calling turkeys, callers used in turkey hunting, and calls of the wild turkey that are all captivating and dead-on. Many turkey hunters call Kenny Morgan "The Real Deal."


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